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Idea #2: Divest from fossil fuels

This is a post for people with investments in the stock market.

I must preface this by insisting that I know very little about investing. The concept of investing makes sense to me—if you have leftover income, you may as well put it to use—but I get a bit overwhelmed by the details. Buying stocks in individual companies would involve way too much research, and it’s risky from the standpoint of portfolio diversity. Instead, I like to use index funds.

Unfortunately, with index funds it’s easy to gloss over some important details. I had used one for years before it suddenly occurred to me to wonder exactly which companies I was funding. I discovered, alas!, that I had unwittingly given thousands of dollars to fossil fuel companies such as Exxon Mobil and Chevron.

The good news is, correcting this mistake is a one-time fix. Divest from fossil fuels, reinvest somewhere else, and you never have to think about it again. Many online tools, in particular Fossil Free Funds, can help find alternative places to put your money. Take a look at their ratings for my old 500 index fund versus these many alternatives at the same investment company.

One thought on “Idea #2: Divest from fossil fuels

  1. We invest in a sustainable equity fund that addresses other investing issues too ~ e.g., gender equality, firearms safety, etc. It would be great to level the playing field.


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