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Idea #1: Dry your hands using your clothes

Paper towel dispensers are somewhat puzzling to me.

At home, everyone dries their hands using towels. In public restrooms, public towels wouldn’t be sanitary, so we use paper towels instead. But . . . why? Paper towels are scratchy and uncomfortable, and there’s a convenient and delightfully soft alternative within easy arm’s reach: your own clothing.

I don’t remember exactly when this idea occurred to me, but it’s been years since I last used a paper towel in a public restroom. You might object that your clothes could be unsanitary, or your hands might quite not be clean, or—the most compelling concern—you don’t want to walk around with wet splotches on your clothes. But for daily use, in comparison with the time, comfort, and paper you’ll save, these concerns are quite minor. Trust me, the wet splotches disappear within minutes.

Alternative idea: give your hands a good shake and let them air-dry. Either way, it saves paper. Not much, but every bit helps.

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