Idea #12: Support a carbon tax

One strategy to combat climate change is to convince other people to reduce their carbon footprints. You are thinking, no doubt, that this is unrealistic. But what if I told you that there is a beautifully simple way that we could motivate everyone in the U.S. to care about their carbon footprint? Much of theContinue reading “Idea #12: Support a carbon tax”

Idea #11: Reducetarianism

Eating from sustainable food sources doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing decision. It seems to me that people often think of vegetarianism in black and white. You either eat meat or you don’t. Same for veganism: you either eat animal products or you don’t. Hank Green of the Vlogbrothers often talks about “going veg” asContinue reading “Idea #11: Reducetarianism”

Idea #9: Compost

I reckon most people have heard of composting. Let’s review why it’s a good idea, as well as some tips and tricks for doing it properly. Composting is “controlled decomposition.” Food and yard waste decompose whether they’re in a landfill or a compost pile. However, there are several advantages to composting: The products of decompositionContinue reading “Idea #9: Compost”

Idea #7: Don’t eat food from cows

Back in 2017, this article from The Atlantic made quite an impression on me: If Everyone Ate Beans Instead of Beef. The upshot is that beef cultivation is so energy-inefficient that this single, small dietary change would reduce U.S. greenhouse gas emissions by a tenth. Ten percent! Even if our transportation habits don’t change atContinue reading “Idea #7: Don’t eat food from cows”

Idea #6: Air-dry your clothes and dishes

Thanks to Meng Gao ( for suggesting this blog topic! Now that humanity has gone to the trouble of inventing washing machines and dishwashers, it can feel like we’re obligated to use them to the fullest-featured extent possible. But when you think about it, the drying cycle is completely superfluous. Let’s talk about laundry first.Continue reading “Idea #6: Air-dry your clothes and dishes”

Idea #4: Bring boxes to restaurants

Restaurants tend to hilariously overestimate the size of a human stomach. All the arguments for bringing reusable bags to the grocery store apply to restaurants as well. When you inevitably can’t (or shouldn’t) finish your food, put it in the box you brought with you. As a bonus, you won’t have to wait to catchContinue reading “Idea #4: Bring boxes to restaurants”

Idea #1: Dry your hands using your clothes

Paper towel dispensers are somewhat puzzling to me. At home, everyone dries their hands using towels. In public restrooms, public towels wouldn’t be sanitary, so we use paper towels instead. But . . . why? Paper towels are scratchy and uncomfortable, and there’s a convenient and delightfully soft alternative within easy arm’s reach: your ownContinue reading “Idea #1: Dry your hands using your clothes”

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