Idea #2: Divest from fossil fuels

This is a post for people with investments in the stock market. I must preface this by insisting that I know very little about investing. The concept of investing makes sense to me—if you have leftover income, you may as well put it to use—but I get a bit overwhelmed by the details. Buying stocksContinue reading “Idea #2: Divest from fossil fuels”

Idea #1: Dry your hands using your clothes

Paper towel dispensers are somewhat puzzling to me. At home, everyone dries their hands using towels. In public restrooms, public towels wouldn’t be sanitary, so we use paper towels instead. But . . . why? Paper towels are scratchy and uncomfortable, and there’s a convenient and delightfully soft alternative within easy arm’s reach: your ownContinue reading “Idea #1: Dry your hands using your clothes”

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